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As a family-owned business, we take great pride in our products. Using 100% Egyptian grown peanuts fresh to order, Nutsland Egypt is a name you can trust for that fresh peanut flavor time after time.
We are dedicated to serving your family the same quality products we serve our own.

We are all as one family do our best to retain a quality standard
the meets your every expectation.

About Our Company

Started in the late 80’s of the past century working with raw peanuts without sorting, peeling or scaling and in the late 90’s we opened a small factory for sorting and peeling peanuts to supply for the local market in Egypt.

We started developing the factory and in 2006 we started supplying our factory and started selling the production to the local market and some Arab countries.

In 2008 “NutsLand Egypt“ was founded under the Egyptian joint stock law with a 100% Egyptian Capital In accordance with the provisions of Egyptian law no.8 of the year 2008 for exporting peanuts to the EU and some Asian countries in addition to some Arab countries.

Our Factory is equipped with the latest global technology for cleaning, sorting, scaling and filling peanuts in addition to the latest agricultural equipment for harvesting and processing peanuts.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Specialized Company
    We are specialized in planting, processing and exporting peanuts only
    Reliable Scheduling
    We schedule shipments through our reliable loading system to guarantee on time delivery.
    Quality Certified
    All our products are quality certified by standards like Global GAP, ISO and BRC
    Fast Support
    Each customer is handled by a dedicated account manager that is available almost 24/7
    Dependable Delivery
    We take timing very seriously, when it comes to shipment schedules we deliver on time
    Reputable Company
    Operating for more than 10 years, earning a reputation for exceptional products

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    Quality Partners

    With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
    source for the highest quality peanuts.